We offer the following and more:

  • PTSD and combat stress resiliency training through combative arts and peer mentorship.  Being a warrior is more than just an occupation, it is a state-of-mind.  It is not the desire to take the fight out of the warrior; rather, it is to teach them what battle should be fought and equipping them to take that fight with victory.  

  • Financial aid for survivor dependents during medical hardships.  There are many organizations that offer limited financial aid, but Battleground Perizam goes beyond the money.  One such example was the birth of baby Ryan. He was born at 21 weeks and stayed in the NICU.  His mother was young, and whose father was killed in war.  Not only had this young lady lost her father, but her mother was also killed, leaving her to face such a worrisome event alone.  Donnie and Michelle Bowen became what her parents would have been for her.

  • Connecting trauma victims with necessary resources.  There are many organizations and resources available to military veterans and their families.  However, it’s hard to see past the struggle to find these resources.  Battleground Perizam serves as a conduit to place these families with the needed outside help.

  • Scholarships for national and local organizations.  If outside help is needed, Battleground Perazim funds the travel expenses for the soldier.  Also, scholarships are awarded to local organizations that help house families in need.

  • Marriage mentorship for veterans and their families.  Marriage is a battle in itself.  Adding trauma to this union makes it an even greater one.  Through marriage retreats and personal mentorship, the warriors and their spouses receive healing and restoration as they learn to walk with each other through seemingly insurmountable odds.  

  • Biblical studies and conferences for men and women.  In the military world, a soldier and his family become more of a number than a person.  Once that uniform and rank are removed, many struggle to find who they truly are.  Donnie and Michelle travel across the nation teaching men and women how to discover their identity.  It is not found in a uniform; it is found in a name--Jesus Christ.