Our Story

Why COMBAT.FIT Battleground PERAZIM? There is much definition behind the names.


About three thousand years ago, there lived a mighty warrior.  Warfare and death were a part of his life since childhood, he learned to fight with great excellence and victory.  He was more than a warrior, he was a conqueror. As a result, his fame spread far across the lands of ancient time. He was feared.  He was hated. He was hunted by the enemies of his past. 


This conquering warrior’s name was David.  After he became King of Israel, foe, a Philistine, remembered the boy who had brought down their greatest soldier.  They gathered their armies and searched for this one man in full, vengeful force with one goal in mind: to kill him. 


The struggles of David are the same today.  The battle follows the warrior home and haunts him long after the fight.  For most, the physical wounds of war are all we imagine. However, the wounds of warfare go much deeper than appearance.  They invade the hidden and secret places of these warriors’ souls with one goal in mind: to destroy them from within. 


These warriors once went to battle for us; it is the purpose of COMBAT FIT (Battleground Perazim) to go to battle for them.  COMBAT FIT (Battleground Perazim) is a 501c3 providing assistance to Active Duty Soldiers, Veterans, Dependents, Widows and Survivor Dependents in the Fort Campbell, Clarksville, and Hopkinsville areas.  The founders, Donnie and Michelle Bowen, personally meet with Chaplains of Fort Campbell, Ky to help nurture this specific community’s needs.


COMBAT FIT’S (Battleground Perazim) main strategy is very different than many.  While other organizations function nationally, the founders are locally-driven.  For this reason, the warriors and their dependents are more than names on an application.  They are neighbors, fellow soldiers & entrepreneurs whose pain has been felt, tear filed eyes have been seen, whose broken voices and hearts have been heard. This type of pain is the run-off of war. 


Because COMBAT FIT exists to walk beside these warriors, each family’s needs are understood and pinpointed to determine how to move forward with results.  After this discovery, COMBATIVE FIT provides personalized support as needed. 


Although these soldiers and their families served and sacrificed for our nation, it is within our Nation’s individual communities that will bring about lasting healing as they are loved as Christ intended; that is personally, closely, and tangibly.  It is through this Christ-like love that the formidable battles within are conquered.


When King David’s first war came back for him years later, he withdrew to a hidden, dark, and fortified place.  His enemies were many and mighty, as they left no warrior or weapon behind in search for him. Hidden away, David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I go and attack the Philistines?  Will you hand them over to me?” 


The Lord replied, “Go, for I will surely hand the Philistines over to you.”  David came out of the dark, and stepped into the victory already promised to him.  After his enemies fell in defeat, he declared, “As waters break out, the Lord has broken out against my enemies before me.”  Therefore, that place was called Baal Perazim; meaning, the Lord who breaks out against my enemies. 


Perazim is the name by definition that speaks to the surrounded warrior and their families, although the enemies of the mind can be many voices that come with full force to destroy from within, GREATER is the might of the Lord. Reminding them of the Lord and His faithfulness 


Donnie and Michelle Bowen believe that individuals have the right to know their value and they have not been forgotten. individuals boldly begin to step out from the dark shadows of their wounded hearts and minds, and take the fight to the hidden enemy.


One day, they will look around them and see their enemies defeated.  Rage, bitterness, hatred, sorrow, grief, pride, depression, anxiety, guilt, and fear all slain before them.  This is Perazim - the God that breaks through over all of my enemies”